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I am too Punk Rock....



I currently live in Va Beach, and I am moving to Port Arthur, Texas this summer. I have had this journal for 3 years now...can you believe it? It is occasional diary, often a ranting place, a location for amusing meme's, talking to friends, making new friends, sharing tidbits, a record of dieting and weight loss, and a place to go when I am bored, emotional, or brimming with new to share!

About me though...I am in the Coast Guard, I have a couple of cats, a lot of knick knacks and an obscene number of books in my house. More stuff about me. I am a scorpio, cannot sing, but like to try, I love to get my dance dance on, and I like caramel and honey, although not together. I narrate my life like a book inside my head, and have an unreasonable dislike of young people who over achieve in terms of get their lame, underwritten over inspired books published while I struggle with it. Books like Eragon. Gag. (me with a spoon) I think I want to look into being an editor. That sounds cool. One day I would like to write a book, but we will see. Until then, I will just read - which happens to be one of my favorite things! I like the rain, horses and dogs, tho I prefer cats over dogs. I also like sushi, art, cinema and witty comments. I do not like cooked seafood, walking in squishy shoes, belly buttons or apple jelly. Gross. I also do not care for monkeys, but not for any real reason. I also like Panic! at the Disco, even if many of their songs sound the same, and I do not like Freebird or the Beegees. Beegee songs make me want to slit my wrists. Hate them. That does not mean, however, thieir music falls on deaf ears: as much as I hate them, I do occasionally find myself inspired to strut. Damn the Beegees. Damn them to musical hell! I also like shoes to a degree that could be considered a fetish. I love shoes. Love. I also like good food, poetry, skiing and cooking.

If there is anything I neglected to add in the above, it was not through lack of trying.